Ruth – A Vision for Provision

A Vision For Provision – Ruth 4

When you have no hope desperately look for the hints. (Ruth 1:22)

Ruth 1:6.

After your turnovers you must still have a vision for provision.

You can still:

Recover (vv. 1-12)
* There is still a chance for redemption after your turnovers.

Public Defender
* Your Redeemer knows your case.

* Redemption is always a bad business deal for the Redeemer, but it’s a great deal for the redeemed.

* Our Redeemer doesn’t just know your case, but He knows His cause.


Reload (vv. 11-17)
* There’s still a chance for reproduction after your turnovers.

* Why would you just experience redemption and not experience relationship?

* Your intimacy with God blesses others. Others reap when you reproduce.

Return (v. 3)
* There’s still a chance for repentance after your turnovers.

What if God is waiting for you to turn around before He turns it around?